How Do You Find Used Pickup Caps in Your Area?

The best way to find a used cap for your pick-up truck is to utilize the print and digital classified adds published in your area. There may also be local businesses such as resale shops and junk yards that sell used caps.

Classified adds online or in print are an excellent way to track down a used cap for your truck. News papers and journals in most communities post listings for items that are for sale by the owner. Websites such as Craigslist provide a similar service online. Begin by finding the Craigslist for a city near you. This generally can be accomplished by searching for the item you wish to purchase and your zip code. You can also go the main page for Craigslist and narrow down your location from there. There are many categories to select from including "cars and trucks" and "auto parts" to help narrow your search. Each listing will provide a way to contact the seller. If you feel more comfortable working with a business rather than an individual seller, search online or in your phone book for shops that sell refurbished cars, as they may have used caps available for purchase. If you are willing to invest time in repairing a cap, do not be afraid to check your local junk yard or metal recycling plant as items can often be removed from these facilities for a nominal fee.