How Do You Find a Used Mobile Home Dealer in Your Area?

To find a used mobile home dealer in your area, try searching a mobile home classified advertising site, such as Dealers sometimes use these sites to list homes for sale, and you can also search for dealerships directly.

If you are looking to buy a used mobile home, you can also consider looking beyond traditional dealerships. Some mortgage companies specialize in financing mobile homes, and they often have repossessed mobile homes for sale. Mobile home parks also sometimes have to evict tenants and repossess their homes due to non-payment of rent, so you can sometimes find a good deal by contacting the parks in your area directly.

Regardless of where you buy the mobile home, you need to inspect it very carefully before purchasing it. Look at the corners of the walls, ceilings and floors in all rooms for any cracking, warping or water damage. Make sure all of the heating, plumbing and electrical equipment works as well. It is a good idea to ask for a clause in the contract guaranteeing that there are no significant problems with the mobile home. Do not rely on verbal promises.

If you do buy a mobile home and discover that a major problem was covered up by the dealership or seller, you may have legal protection. Some states, such as Kentucky, have passed "lemon laws" that do not allow people to sell defective mobile homes.