What is a used "lifted" Jeep?


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A used lifted Jeep is a Jeep that has been owned by another person and given a body or suspension lift that adds height to the vehicle. The Wrangler is the most common model of lifted Jeep, although it can be done to any model.

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What is a used "lifted" Jeep?
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New Jeeps do not generally come lifted, so most lifted Jeeps for sale have been owned by someone other than a dealer. There are two main types of lifts. A body lift is done to improve the appearance of the vehicle. It involves installing rubber spacers between the frame and body, which allows for the installation of larger tires. It does not change the vehicle's capabilities. Body lifts are the least expensive type of lift.

A suspension lift is done both for appearance and to improve off-road capability. In suspension lifts, various parts of the factory frame and suspension are modified to raise the ground clearance of the vehicle, which can help prevent damage in rough terrain. Larger tires are also installed in suspension lifts to improve the Jeep's ability to navigate obstacles. These lifts are more expensive but are preferred by people using their Jeeps for serious off-road activities. However, they can increase wear on critical parts and decrease handling and comfort during city and highway driving.

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