What Is a Used Expedite Truck?


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An expedite truck is a model of truck used in the practice of expedited trucking, which is the transportation of time-sensitive cargo. Expedited trucking can also refer to the use of vans or straight trucks being used for quick transportation of cargo.

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An expediter truck is suitable for truckers who take cargo from one point to another very quickly, usually driving almost non-stop to their destination. These trucks sometimes come equipped with beds and other considerations, as the drivers usually have no time to stop and stay at a hotel or other location along most of their routes.

Hotshot trucking is a more extreme version of this, using similar trucks or flatbeds and other easy-to-load models. These trucks are found right at factories waiting for the load to be placed into the vehicle, and they drive completely non-stop to the final destination, only resting if they absolutely have to.

Ultimately, used expedite trucks are just trucks that their owners can no longer use or afford to maintain, so they get sold off for a profit. Sometimes they are kept and reused by the companies that the workers were employed by, while other trucks are given to companies that service and resell expedite truck online and on-site.

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