How Do You Find Used Dodge Trucks for Sale by Owner?


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There are many places to find Dodge trucks for sale by owner, including eBay Motors, Cars.com, CarGurus.com, AutoTrader.com and CarsOnlineFree.com. All of these sites allow owners to create and post listings for their vehicles for sale, including Dodge trucks. There are no fees for buyers purchasing vehicles for sale by owner through any of these online marketplaces.

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Depending on the seller, a Dodge truck's price can be negotiated with individual sellers prior to completing any transaction. On all the listed sites except eBay Motors, sellers also have the option of accepting trades for their listed vehicles, including Dodge trucks, or part cash and part trade. EBay Motors is strictly a buying and selling marketplace. As of October 2015, Dodge truck models ranging from the 1970s through 2015, both two and four wheel drive, were available for sale across these online marketplaces. Inventory changes frequently as vehicles are bought and sold.

Dealers and brokers can list vehicles on AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, AutoTrader.com, eBay Motors and CarGurus.com in addition to the vehicles that are listed for sale by owner. A review of the seller details and sales history shows buyers whether or not any particular listing has been posted by an owner, dealership or broker.

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