How Do You Know If a Used Corvette Is a Good Deal?


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To decide if a used Chevrolet Corvette is a good deal, carefully examine the car's condition with the help of a trained mechanic, and also consult with Kelley Blue Book, online enthusiast forums, and classifieds. Pricing on most Corvettes does not fluctuate wildly thanks to ample supply.

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You should not have trouble finding good pricing on even most older-model Corvettes, as the cars are not all that rare thanks to continued strong sales throughout the model's five decades on the market. Your first stop for Corvettes made in the last 15 years or so should be Kelley Blue Book, the industry-standard publication that keeps track of average used car prices for sale by both dealers and private parties.

Once you have a general idea how much a specific model year and trim level is worth, go see the car in person with a trained mechanic if you do not have extensive knowledge of Corvettes yourself. Carefully examine the car's body, interior and mechanical condition. When moving into classic Corvette territory, a car's condition should be the single greatest factor in determining whether the price is a good deal. Consult with online Corvette enthusiast forums about the model for further information on pricing and what to check for when examining the car.

Finally, online and print classifieds such as Craigslist and AutoTrader Classics have thousands of Corvettes for sale nationwide. Scan all the models available in your local area to see what other sellers are asking for cars similar to the one you are considering. EBay Motors can be a great place to find Corvettes, especially classic models, but be wary of inflated prices.

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