How Do You Know If a Used Chevy S10 Truck Is Still in Good Condition?


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A used Chevy S10 truck is still in good condition if it is free of rust or dents in the body and runs without unexplained sounds, smoke or smells emanating from the engine. Taking the truck to a mechanic for inspection also helps evaluate the truck's overall condition.

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Judging whether or not a used Chevy S10 truck is in good condition depends on its year of manufacturing since different years have different options. Also, older trucks tend to have a higher number of issues and show a greater level of wear. This means that if the buyer is evaluating a 1992 Chevy S10, she needs to check if it has a four- or six-cylinder engine, and she needs to test if it still runs properly because it has an extra 10 years of use compared to a 2002 Chevy S10.

Buyers should also consider the state of the truck's interior when determining the condition of a Chevy S10. If the seat upholstery is torn or stained, the dashboard lights are broken or buttons on the radio are missing, it indicates that the truck was not cared for very well, and the buyer also needs to check the engine for possible mistreatment.

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