How Do You Find Used Cars in South Africa?

How Do You Find Used Cars in South Africa?

One of the largest online classifieds websites for South Africa is called Gumtree. This is where users are able to purchase cars from dealerships and independent owners. To find cars on Gumtree, use its search engine to input the type of car, location and price and press the search button.

The cars sold on Gumtree are separated by different types of tags. Each tag may relate to a different characteristic of the vehicle, price range, location or type of advertisement. To find and purchase a vehicle in South Africa, use the following instructions:

  1. Search through the car listings
  2. Use the keywords listed on the side of the page to help narrow the search results. The more boxes that are checked, the more the search engine filters out the available cars. Also, mark the location for the vehicle, to ensure the listings are close by.

  3. Contact the seller
  4. Although some of the sellers are dealerships, others are regular users. Use the Gumtree personal messaging system to contact the seller and set up a meeting for the vehicle.

  5. Purchase the vehicle
  6. South Africa's currency is counted in rands. Convert the dollar price of the vehicle into the approximate rands for the vehicle and purchase it.