How Do You Find Used Cars in Japan?

How Do You Find Used Cars in Japan?

Used cars in Japan can be purchased from the Tradecarview website. In order to purchase a car from the website, first look at the available inventory, contact the seller, make a transaction and inquire about transporting the vehicle. Since the cars are all located overseas, Tradecarview has exporting agents available to help in transporting the vehicle across the border.

Tradecarview is Japan's largest online used car marketplace. The company is associated with several dealers around Japan that deal with exporting its used vehicles to the United States. Use the following instructions to purchase a used car from Tradecarview.

  1. Visit the marketplace
  2. Navigate through the vehicle marketplace hosted on the Tradecarview website, which host over several hundred different dealership's vehicles.

  3. Choose the wanted vehicle
  4. Choose the wanted vehicle and decide whether or not to purchase the vehicle, or negotiate for a cheaper price. Tradecarview has a special interface called the Bulletin-Board System or BBS. Through a BBS, consumers can negotiate with the overseas dealerships in private and make for an overall easy buying experience.

  5. Purchase the vehicle
  6. Once the price is decided, purchase the vehicle.

  7. Contact the export service
  8. Contact the export agents to set-up a safe and effective way to transport the vehicle into the country.