How Do You Find Used Car Parts at the Indianapolis Pull-A-Part?


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Pull-A-Part, including the two Indianapolis-area locations, utilizes a layout that works with a computer database that makes it easy for consumers to find their vehicle parts. First check the vehicle inventory to see of the vehicle is available at the yard, then go to Pull-A-Part and manually remove the component from the corresponding vehicle.

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Each vehicle is organized in aisles. To find the used car parts at one of Pull-A-Part's Indianapolis or other locations, use the following instructions.

  1. Enter the vehicle make
  2. Use the search engine featured on the Pull-A-Part website and enter the make and model of the vehicle.

  3. Affirm the vehicle availability
  4. Press the search button and affirm the availability of the vehicle by observing the results.

  5. Retrieve the part
  6. Go to Pull-A-Part and retrieve the part, then pay for it at the counter.

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