What Are Some Used Car Dealerships Located in Calgary?

What Are Some Used Car Dealerships Located in Calgary?

As of 2015, there are various used car dealerships that are located in the Calgary, Alberta, area. These include House of Cars, Automaxx, Calgary Used Car Sales, GSL City and the Calgary Auto Mall. In addition to used cars, some of Calgary's car dealerships provide sales services for new vehicles or provide customers access to financing, parts and vehicles for rent.

Calgary Used Car Sales specializes in used cars and sells various used car models, including the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Mercury Grand Marquis and the BMW 5 Series. Customers can contact the company's sales representatives to arrange for a test drive during business hours.

In addition to used cars, Automaxx also provides a car buying service for customers looking to trade in existing vehicles for either cash or as part of a trade for a new vehicle. The company provides a variety of vehicle body types, including coupes, convertibles, vans, trucks and sedans.

Both the Calgary Auto Mall and GSL City also carries an inventory of new vehicles. Both dealers also operate a parts and maintenance service division that caters to customers after purchase. The Calgary Auto Mall operates various dealerships, including Brasso Nissan and Kia City.

House of Cars operates four dealership divisions and lists all of its pre-owned vehicle inventory on its website. Each car listing includes various information, such as the car's transmission system, model code and engine.