How Do You Find Used Car Auto Traders?


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To find used car auto traders, look for independent used car lots in the phone book or through an online search. Some car selling sites such as Autotrader.com have tools to help you locate local used car sellers.

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If you have a specific make in mind, try finding dealers for that brand. Many new car dealers also sell used or certified preowned cars that they have accepted as trade-ins for new cars. They may also sell leased cars once the contract is up.

You can also look for well-known used car chain stores in your area. CarMax is a popular one and has a large selection of different makes and models. Their website has local search tools to help you locate the car you want in your area. They also buy used cars even if you do not want to buy a car from them.

Private used car traders are usually locatable by looking at classified ads or other advertisements. These are often placed in local newspapers or circulars. They may also be listed on larger sites like Autotrader.com, Craigslist.com or eBay.com. These sellers usually only have one or two cars for sale at a time and usually are not willing to take a trade-in vehicle and do not offer guarantees like commercial auto traders often do.

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