How Do You Find Used Autos on Craigslist?

How Do You Find Used Autos on Craigslist?

To locate a used car via Craigslist, open your Web browser, navigate to your local Craigslist page, select Cars+Trucks under the For Sale menu, and choose your preferred seller type. Use the on-page search filters to narrow the results, and contact sellers via their preferred contact method.

  1. Open your Web browser

    Open your preferred Web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

  2. Navigate to the Craigslist website

    Enter in the browser URL field.

  3. Select a state and city

    Select your state, and read through the Nearby CL menu located on the right side of the screen. Select your city or the closest city to your home location.

  4. Locate the appropriate section

    Under the For Sale menu, click Cars+Trucks.

  5. Choose preferred seller option

    Before accessing vehicle listings, choose one of the three seller options, which include All Cars & Trucks, By Owner Only and By Dealer Only.

  6. Select search options

    Upon entering the main listing page, locate the search options on the left side of the screen. From there, narrow search results by setting a price, mileage and year range. You may also choose specific vehicle makes, color, transmission and many other options.

  7. Review search results

    Once all applicable filters are applied, review the search results. Organize the results by newest post or price.

  8. Contact sellers

    Contact sellers for vehicles you're interested in by reviewing their preferred contact method found in the listing description.