How Do You Use a Wiper Motor Diagram?

Refer to the wiper motor diagram for the accurate wiring of a wiper motor. First, become familiar with the wiring harness by observing the layout of the diagram. Locate the wiper or washer switch, because the wiring connection begins with the switch.

The wiper switch has two sets of contacts. The first contact selects the speed, while the second contact controls the parking function. Next, get familiar with the harness routing by first checking the color coding of the harness wires and then the connections of the respective colored wires.

Locate the coil that represents the internal winding of the parallel wound motor. Since the armature is in parallel with the field coil, both receive a 12-volt supply. Identify the parking commutator in the diagram that is inside the gear case and is mechanically driven by the motor. After referring to the diagram, join the corresponding wires from the wiper switch that go through the harness to a set of female bullet connectors on the left side of the dash.

Plug the wires into the male bullet connectors from the harness coming out of the lower left windshield. Make all the connections for the wiper motor. Next, after studying the wiper motor diagram, make the connections for the three-contact park switch. Ensure all the wiper motor connections are accurate as per the diagram to avoid malfunction and blown fuses.