How Do You Use the Volkswagen Dealer Locator?

How Do You Use the Volkswagen Dealer Locator?

To use the Volkswagen dealer locator, enter the ZIP code and click Let's Go. The website displays all the local Volkswagen dealers in the area.

The Volkswagen website not only lists dealers in the area, but also directs users to dealer inventories and special offers in a particular area.

  1. Visit the Volkswagen website
  2. Go to the VW website and click Find a Dealer on the left side of the page.

  3. Enter a ZIP code
  4. Enter the ZIP code and click Let's Go or hit Enter.

  5. Select the nearest dealer
  6. Select a dealer by clicking on the name. The screen shows all the dealers in the area surrounding the entered ZIP code.

  7. Choose from the options listed
  8. Choose from options such as View Details, Schedule Service or Contact Dealer. Users also have the option of visiting a particular dealer's website.

It is important to note that not all special offers are available at all dealerships around the country. To find out if a particular offer is available, click on Find Participating Dealers under each offer.

Users who visit the Volkswagen website also have the option to browse VW's latest models, purchase VW accessories, build a custom Volkswagen or find and download owner's manuals for the latest VW models. To use these services, click on the corresponding options on the left side of the screen.