How Do You Use a Vehicle Lift?


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To use a vehicle lift, first lower the hoist. Drive the vehicle onto the hoist and place it in neutral before attaching the vehicle lifting pads in the appropriate points. Raise the hoist high enough to touch the vehicle, and then lift the wheels from the floor. Ensure that the lifting pads are appropriately positioned before raising the vehicle to working height, and then lock the hoist and activate its safety device. When all work is complete, lower the vehicle.

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The Automotive Lift Institute provides several safety tips to follow while operating a vehicle lift. Experts should inspect the lift each day. All repairs should include parts from the lift manufacturer. Operators should never override lift controls. Operators also should not load the lift with more than the recommended weight. Users should keep the area around the lift clean.

Only a trained professional should perform vehicle positioning and lift operation. Operators should never raise the lift while someone is inside the vehicle or while bystanders are in the general area, and they should not lower it until all tools are removed from the work area. When positioning the vehicle, avoid hitting lift arms. Always make sure the lift arms are in the correct position, and that the safety device is employed. Remember to use stands to combat instabilities that may arise when parts are removed or installed,

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