How Do You Use Truck-Mounted Snow Blowers?


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Drivers use truck-mounted snow blowers to displace snow by mounting them to the front of a large vehicle. The snow blower uses power from the vehicle's engine to move snow out of its path.

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Most truck-mounted snow blowers allow the driver to operate the snow blower from within the vehicle via a remote control. From inside the cab, a driver can control many of the snow blower's key functions, such as the start, choke and throttle. The snow blower is mounted on the front of the vehicle and uses rotating blades to move snow into a spout, which then blows the snow out of the path of the vehicle. Most truck-mounted snow blowers can cut out a path that is around 84 inches wide and 30 inches in height (roughly 7 feet by 3 feet).

Truck-mounted snow blowers are useful because they're much more powerful and efficient than alternative methods of snow displacement, such as snow plows or ATV-mounted snow blowers. However, drivers must be cautious before mounting snow blowers because of their weight. Truck-mounted snow blowers can weigh anywhere between 800 to 1250 pounds, so the trucks they're mounted on typically need to weigh at least half a ton.

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