How Do You Use a Tire Torque Chart?


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Use a tire torque chart by finding the make, model and year of your vehicle on the chart and reading the appropriate torque measurement. The torque measurement is the amount of torque required by each of the wheel's lug nuts. Too much torque over-tightens the lug nut, potentially stripping the thread, while too little torque can cause the lug nut to fall off.

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Before applying torque to a lug nut, ensure that the threads on both the nut and the bolt are clean and free of debris, grease or slag. Lubricate the threads on the lug nut and bolt, but avoid putting any lubricant on the hardware seat, as this interferes with torque readings.

Start applying torque using a hand wrench. Once the lug nut is reasonably tight, apply the exact amount of torque specified on the tire torque chart by using a click-type torque wrench.

While they are widely use at wheel and tire shops, impact guns and torque sticks are not the best tools for installing wheels. While both of these tools install wheels much more quickly and easily than hand tools, they are also far more likely to apply excessive torque. Excessive torque can not only strip threads but may also bend and deform wheel rims and brakes.

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