How Do You Use a Suction-Cup Dent Puller?

Using a suction-cup dent puller involves pushing the dent puller into the middle of the dent, then pushing the handles together. After a few minutes, pull the dent puller using even pressure to pop out dents.

  1. Clean the dent

    Use a wax and grease remover on the dent and the area surrounding it. Clean the area using a soft cloth and circular motions. Wipe off the excess grease remover.

  2. Position the dent puller

    Place the dent puller so that the middle of the suction cup is in the middle of the dent. Try pressing the suction cup into the dent. If you get a good suction, leave the dent puller in that position.

  3. Push the puller into the dent

    Press the puller into the dent with even pressure. Look at the point of contact between the dent puller and the middle of the dent. The suction cup should be almost flat against the dent.

  4. Pull the dent puller

    Push the handles together to lock the dent puller in place. Pull the dent puller with slow but even force, making sure not to twist the suction cup. Inspect the dent. Place the dent puller on the dent and lock it into place, but gently bounce the suction cup into the dent several times to ensure good suction. Pull the dent puller out. Repeat until the dent is no longer noticeable.