How Do You Use a Steering Wheel Puller to Remove a Steering Wheel?


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To use a steering wheel puller to remove a steering wheel, first disconnect the ground wire from the vehicle's battery. Next, disassemble the wheel, removing horn wiring, buttons and turn signal actuators. Remove the horn ring by pushing its center and releasing the spring that holds it in place; ensure that the parts stay together by removing it slowly. Turn the steering wheel to the center position and remove the nut with an adjustable wrench or appropriately sized socket.

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Place the steering wheel puller on the wheel. Find the appropriate bolts and fasten two through the puller body and into the wheel. Screw the central bolt into the wheel; this forces the wheel off the shaft. To replace the wheel, push it onto the shaft and tighten the nut.

Steering wheel pullers are available at automobile and hardware stores for prices as low as around $35. Meant to fit universally, kits contain the puller, multiple sets of screws for different types of threading, a lock plate to help remove and re-install the snap ring, and a storage tray for any spare parts. Universal kits work on both domestic and foreign vehicles and are even able to take off steering wheels with telescoping tilt.

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