How Do You Use a Slim Jim?

How Do You Use a Slim Jim?

To use a slim jim slide the tool through a car's weather stripping along side the window and access the lock and once hooked, pull up to release it. Although the method sounds simple, the task of using a slim jim is a delicate procedure that requires care and precision so the surrounding components do not get damaged.

A slim jim is a special lock-picking tool that allows the user to open locked car doors. The tool is able to fit inside the front of the door through the a space between the weather stripping and window, to which it can then hook on to the locking mechanism and open the door. The following steps explain how to properly use a slim jim tool.

  1. Read the vehicle´s manual
  2. Understand the locking mechanism for the vehicle and how it works. This will prevent accidental damage from occurring to the car's locks.

  3. Slide the slim jim in
  4. Once familiar with the control arm's location slide the slim jim between the weather stripping and glass.

  5. Push down on the control arm
  6. Used the notch area on the slim jim to grip the arm and push down. If successful, this will unlock the door.

  7. Remove the slim jim
  8. Once unlocked, carefully remove the slim jim from the door. Pull it out slowly to avoid damaging the lock mechanism or window.