How Do You Use a Self-Service Car Wash?


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For a basic cleaning of the exterior of a vehicle at a self-service car wash, place the required number of coins in the machine and use the presoak, foaming brush and high-pressure rinse options. Keep an eye on the timer, and add more money before it expires, or you must add the full start amount again.

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Close all the windows, sunroof and doors before adding the coins. The presoak setting sprays a low pressure cleaning solution that begins the process of loosening the dirt. If there is a large amount of mud and dirt stuck to the car, prevent scratches by using the high pressure wash to blast it away before using the foaming brush.

Work quickly with the foaming brush, and scrub the exterior of the vehicle. Put the brush back in the holder, and grip the high pressure wand tightly. Switch the selector to the high-pressure rinse setting, and rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove all the soap.

Move the car to the drying area, and use towels to dry it thoroughly. If you want to apply wax from the car wash, move the vehicle back into the stall, insert the coins to start the wash, and move the selector to the wax position. Apply the wax and rinse again. Move the car to the drying location, and dry it immediately using more towels.

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