How Do You Use a Self-Serve Car Wash?


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To use a self-serve car wash, vacuum the car, presoak and prewash it, soap it down, and then rinse it. Drying and waxing the car completes this process.

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How Do You Use a Self-Serve Car Wash?
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Remove the floor mats from the car, and shake them to remove loose dirt. Remove all garbage and debris from the car, pull the vacuum hose into the car, put money into the machine, and vacuum the car to eliminate all loose dirt and dust. To save money, vacuum as quickly as possible.

Park the car at the center of the bay, ready up some drying towels, and presoak the car. To presoak the car, pull and point the car wash towards the car, put money in the machine, and spray the car. Presoaking the car facilitates washing by loosening dirt and grime.

Once the car is sufficiently soaked, prewash it, apply tire cleaner to the wheels and rims, and then saturate the entire body of the car with soap. Direct the car wash at the car, and quickly rinse off the soap and tire cleaner residue, paying more attention to stubborn spots. Be as quick as possible so you are able to rinse the car more than once. Once the car is clean, drive it from the bay, and blot it dry with towels. Finally, return the car to the bay, and apply wax to cushion the car against harmful elements.

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