How Do You Use an RV Car Tow Dolly?


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To use an RV car tow dolly, couple it to the motorhome, drive the vehicle up the ramp, and secure the toad to the dolly. Keep in mind that tow dollies cannot attach to rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

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A car tow dolly is a short trailer with two wheels that helps to transport a car on the back of a recreational vehicle. Before driving the car up the ramps, make sure there is a strong connection between the dolly and the recreational vehicle. Drive the car up so that the front wheels rest on the dolly and the back wheels rest on the ground. Secure the vehicle to the dolly with chains or straps before driving.

Benefits of using a tow dolly include its versatility, since it can tow a variety of vehicles. At the same time, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a tow dolly. For instance, these units are expensive, and the procedure to hook up the dolly to a recreational vehicle may be elaborate. It is difficult to back up with the tow dolly, and since these trailers are large, it can be difficult to find storage when not traveling. Many states require licensing for tow dollies.

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