How Do You Use the Prostart Remote Starter?

To use the Prostart remote start in default mode, press the button with one line to stop functions, and use the button with two lines to start functions. Press both simultaneously to unlock the trunk.

When using the Prostart remote in the programmable mode, the button with one line locks or unlocks the doors. The button with two lines starts and stops the vehicle. Like default mode, pressing both at the same time activates the trunk release function.

To program the Prostart remote starter with four functions, lift the hood and turn the valet switch off. Turn on the car, but do not start the engine, and turn the valet switch on. When the parking lights turn on, press and release the first button within five seconds. The lights flash quickly five times and slowly twice. Turn off the vehicle, take out the key, close the hood, and test the Prostart remote to make sure it is functioning.

Prostart offers three options for remote control car starters. The most basic is the two-button transmitter that operates within a range of 950 feet. The four button transmitter also functions as a keyless entry and works at a distance of 3,500 feet. The two-way remote starter with keyless entry is Prostart's high-end model, operating with six buttons and an LCD transmitter at distances of up to 4,000 feet.