How Do You Use an Oil Filter Crossover Chart?


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If you are using an online oil filter crossover chart, you need to select the name of the manufacturer, followed by the part number you're searching for. You can download and print an oil filter crossover chart at Tidyform.com that lists the filters by the manufacturer and part numbers.

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When changing your car's oil filter, it's important that you find a filter that properly fits your car. Oil filters are critical to your car's engine performance. If you fail to make sure the filter is compatible and properly seals before you install the filter or operate your car, you may damage your engine.

An oil filter is made to remove contaminants from a car's engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil or lubricating oil. Oil filters are used in a number of different types of machinery aside from vehicles. The job of the engine oil is to lubricate the internal parts of the engine, help to cool the engine by transferring heat, and seals the piston ring. The engine oil also works to absorb contaminants and soot that forms as a result of combustion. If the oil was acting alone without a filter, the oil would become saturated with contaminants would cause the internal parts of your engine to wear.

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