How Do You Use NADA Guides to Determine the Value of Used Pickup Trucks?


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To determine the value of a specific used pickup truck, the buyer or seller enters his ZIP code along with the truck's manufacturer, year, model, trim level and mileage on the NADA Guide Web site. The results include several different types of prices.

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The NADA Guides' pricing tool provides rough, average and clean trade-in prices along with a clean retail price for used pickup trucks. Rough trade-in is defined as a vehicle with significant mechanical defects and significant imperfections to the body, wheels or paint finish. A truck with an average trade-in price has minor issues with its mechanics and exterior, all of which can be easily repaired, while a used truck to receive a clean trade-in rating must pass all inspections and have only surface scratches and minimal interior wear. Trade-in refers to the price a dealership would pay the seller, while retail is the price a private buyer would pay a private seller.

Along with the pricing for a specific used truck, NADA Guides provides expert and consumer reviews of the truck, along with its safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If a prospective buyer wants to compare the Nada Guides' prices with actual dealer listings, the NADA Guides website links to AutoTrader.com's listings for the specific used pickup truck in the buyer's area. A buyer who is using this pricing to compare a specific used truck he is ready to purchase with the NADA Guides price can also link directly to AutoCheck.com to order a vehicle history report. The buyer needs either the vehicle's VIN number or license plate information.

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