How Do You Use a Labor Estimating Guide?

Using a labor estimating guide involves visiting the desired company's website, clicking on the appropriate repair estimator link and inputting all applicable data, notes the NAPA AutoCare Center website. Estimates are typically offered as a range for the area, and vehicle owners can receive personalized quotes by visiting a local shop.

To use the repair estimator guide offered by NAPA AutoCare Center on its website, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to in an Internet browser.

  3. Select the Repair Estimator
  4. Click on the Repair Estimator tab along the top navigation bar, or click on the Get Estimate tab under the Estimate a Repair header.

  5. Input vehicle information and location
  6. Click on the arrows in the drop-down menus to choose the vehicle's make, model and year. Then enter the ZIP code for the area of the repair and click on the Get Estimate tab toward the bottom.

  7. Choose a service
  8. Choose the type of service required from the list to view all of the available services in that category. Some available categories include brakes, engine, scheduled maintenance and drive train, notes Click on the desired service to view the high and low estimates for the area. The estimate includes a breakdown of the cost for parts and for labor.

  9. Visit a NAPA location
  10. Visit a NAPA location for a personalized estimate for repairs.