How Do You Use Kijiji to Find a Used Car in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?


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Use Kijiji to find a used car in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by visiting the city's page on the site and browsing listings to locate a car that meets your interests and needs. Contact the seller via the included information, and meet that person to inspect the car and buy it.

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Kijiji operates a classifieds page for numerous cities in the Canadian provinces, including Edmonton, Alberta. On the Edmonton page, click on the Cars & Vehicles section and then the Used Cars & Trucks link to access all active listings for used cars from sellers living in or near the city. Click on an individual listing to view pictures of that car and read a description of its condition and features. If you find a car you like, contact the seller via the method included in the post, which is typically an email address. Arrange a time to view the car and inspect it, ideally during the day and in an open, public place.

When contacting the seller, don't provide any financial information at any point. Always meet first and take the car for a test drive to ensure that it is in proper working order. If possible, also take it to a mechanic for a thorough internal inspection. If the car meets your needs, pay the seller in cash or by check.

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