How Do You Use KBB or NADA Guides to Determine the Value of Used Motorhomes?

To use NADA Guides for determining the value of a used motorhome, visit the home page and click on RVs. On the RVs page, click Motorhomes under the Browse By RV Type heading. Select a manufacturer, year and model, and set any additional features the motorhome has. As of 2015, the site provides the motorhome's values, specifications, floor plans and any available special notes.

The Values section includes the suggested list price, the low retail price and the average retail price. The suggested list price is the manufacturer's listed price for a brand new motorhome. The low retail value applies to motorhomes that have significant wear and tear, and may need either cosmetic or mechanical repairs. Motorhomes in this condition should still run. The average retail value applies to motorhomes that don't have any major issues and that have the expected condition and mileage for the motorhome's age. Dealerships typically offer motorhomes in average retail condition or better.

The specifications section includes the RV type, the fuel type, the length and the type of floor plan. The floor plan section has an image of the floor plan for some motorhomes. Otherwise, it says "no image available."

Another option for determining the value of a used motorhome is checking classified ads for similar motorhomes. This gives an idea of the motorhome's asking price in a specific area.