How Do You Use a Jack Stand to Lift a Vehicle?


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Using a floor jack, lift the vehicle, and place jack stands under the lift points on both sides of the vehicle. Consult your vehicle's owner's manual if you need help locating the lift points on the underside of the vehicle’s frame. Adjust the jack stands to the desired height, and lock them in place before lowering the car to let it rest on the stands.

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Use metal chocks or bricks to securely block the wheels and keep the stationary vehicle from rolling, and engage the emergency brake as a safety precaution. The jack stand ensures a raised vehicle is more stable by providing better support than a conventional jack. By offering a safe, fixed support, a jack stand minimizes the risk of injury that could occur if a vehicle falls.

Once the vehicle is resting firmly on the jack stands, remove the floor jack to free up space for repairs. Ensure the car is secure enough by shaking it a bit, and make adjustments to be sure the jack stands lie under the correct lift points. Once the needed repairs are complete, replace the jack, raise the car slightly to let you remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle.

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