How Do You Use Head Casting Numbers to Repair an Engine?


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Head casting numbers help identify parts and their compatibility with engines and other automotive parts. This helps determine what type of engine a particular part, such as a cylinder head or block, came from. It can also help determine exactly what kind of engine a particular car already has.

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The Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association has created an extensive database that catalogs all makes and models of automotive engines, some dating back almost 100 years. It is a tool for shops and auto rebuilders who wish to establish where an engine came from or determine what type of part is needed. The database contains engine block casting numbers, head casting numbers, crankshaft casting numbers, camshaft casting numbers, connecting rod casting numbers and flywheel casting numbers.

Any machine shop that is a member of AERA has access to the database. Customers who wish to look up a head number can call any of these machine shops and have a number checked. AERA.org also contains member shop listings, resources for those who work on cars and information on engine rebuilding and repair.

AERA was established in 1922 and is the worldwide industry voice for internal combustion engine builders, machine shops, OEMs, suppliers and service providers.

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