How Do You Use the Hagerty Classic Car Value Guide?

To use the Hagerty Classic Car Value Guide, enter the make, model, and year of the vehicle on Hagerty's website, then choose the appropriate variant from the resulting list. Hagerty's results are based on its classic car value book, which is also available from the company's website.

Hagerty's Classic Car Value Guide not only contains information about the current value of the car in question, but also historical value trends for that model. The guide has price information on most vehicles for every year of the preceding decade. In addition to resale values, the guide also lists typical insurance values for all vehicles.

For each specific car, the guide lists four different values that correspond to the vehicle's condition. "Condition one" vehicles are the most valuable, while "condition four" vehicles command the lowest prices. "Condition one" vehicles are as close to factory condition as possible, with no cosmetic defects and very few if any replaced parts. "Condition two" vehicles are very close to perfect condition, but expert observers can notice flaws, repairs or cosmetic problems. "Condition three" vehicles often have some replacement parts, and they may also have new glass, interiors or paint. Even casual observers can see defects and flaws in "condition four" vehicles. While these vehicles run well, they are typically daily drivers with many replacement parts, including major parts such as engines and transmissions.