How Do You Use a General Tire Dealer Locator?

How Do You Use a General Tire Dealer Locator? has a locator on their official website, which is used by first selecting the type of seller needed, then narrowing the results with an area code and a mile radius setting. If no stores are found within the given range, the radius can be adjusted to seek further stores.

When hitting the Search button, the locator uses the information typed into the search bar to search Google Maps with a cross reference of their database of tire stores. The information is listed in boxes to the left with options to email the given store, check its available services and what hours it is open. This box lists the amount of miles of distance from the information you type into the search bar, so an exact address will give a more accurate mile distance calculation. The search system lists the address and phone number as well, if emailing is not preferred.

The Google Maps application that General Tire uses possesses zooming and click-and-drag functionality, if a large amount of stores are located in a search. The map offers the ability to calculate directions to the store location using a link found in the app's box for the store. While the mile distance in the general store listings is rounded to the nearest whole number, the directions give a more exact calculation.