How Do You Use a Ford Z Plan Discount?

How Do You Use a Ford Z Plan Discount?

To use a Ford Z Plan discount, select a car at a Ford dealer, and provide that dealer with your Social Security number and Z Plan PIN. To obtain your Z Plan PIN, call the Ford Plan Program Headquarters, as of 2015.

You can also log in to the website to select a vehicle. Once you select one, the site provides that vehicle's price with your plan discount, so you know what to expect at the dealer.

Members of Ford's plans receive discounts on vehicles. Ford offers A, Z, X and D plans, based on the member's employee relationship to Ford. Each plan has its own pricing formula.

Ford's A Plan is for the company's employees, while the Z Plan is for the company's retirees. These programs use the same pricing formula and provide the largest discount. The vehicle price equals the dealer's invoice minus both the dealer's holdback and ad fees, plus a $275 program fee. The invoice is the amount the dealer pays for the vehicle, the holdback is the amount automakers pay to the dealer, and the ad fees are the dealer's marketing costs.

Ford has two X Plans. The Partner Recognition X Plan is for employees of certain companies that partner with Ford. The Friends and Neighbors X Plan is for selected friends and families of Ford employees and retirees. The vehicle price equals 99.6 percent of the dealer's invoice plus the $275 program fee.

Ford's D Plan is for dealer employees and those employee's family members. The vehicle price equals the A/Z Plan price, plus $100.