How Do You Use a Ford Truck Lift Kit?


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Ford truck lift kits are used to raise the body or suspension to accommodate larger tires, increase ground clearance, improve suspension articulation and produce a better performing off-road vehicle. Body lift kits use a set of spacers to raise the body over the suspension and are used primarily to fit larger tires. Suspension lift kits modify the truck's leaf springs and suspension system and typically lift them above the axles.

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Ford truck owners must be aware that either type of lift can impact the truck's steering and stability, depending on the height of the lift. Body lift kits are typically less expensive and easier to install than suspension lift kits. A body lift may make the vehicle less stable due to the increase height ratio, but it does not affect the steering geometry. This type of lift may also require the extension of connected controls such as the steering column, radiator fan and shock absorbers.

Suspension lift kits over 2.5 inches can require other adjustments to the vehicle as well. The Suspension lift changes the angle between the inner and outer tie rods that connect to the rack and pinion steering which may allow the tie rods to move the wheels without turning the steering wheel when the suspension bounces. The angle between the drive shaft and the differential is exaggerated as well, which can wear the U-joint and cause the truck to shudder. Kits that contain fixes for these issues are better to use on Ford trucks.

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