How Do You Use the Ford Remote Car Starter?


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To use the Ford remote car starter, find the remote start button located on the key fob transmitter, press the lock button to lock all doors and then press the remote start button twice. If done correctly, the exterior lamps will flash twice.

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If the system fails to start, the horn will sound, unless the quiet start is on. Quiet start also runs the blower fan but at a lower level, reducing noise. Quiet start can be turned on and off in the information display.

The Ford remote start system turns on the ignition of a Ford vehicle from up to 300 feet away. If the ignition is on, the hood is open, the transmission in not in "park" or the alarm system is triggered, the remote start feature will not work. Further, if the vehicle battery voltage is too low or if the "service engine soon" light is on, the feature will also not work. If the vehicle is low on fuel or if the vehicle is parked indoors, remote start should not be used.

During the remote start, the power windows will not work, and the radio will not be turned on automatically. The parking lamps will remain on, however. To turn the vehicle off after remote starting, press the button once.

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