How Do You Use a Fan Blower Control?


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To use a fan blower control, simply rotate the lever or adjust the air conditioning system. A fan blower control controls the speed of the blower motor by increasing or decreasing the resistance of the blower resistor mechanically via a rotating lever or electronically via the air conditioning system. The resistance produced by the fan blower control regulates the electric current in the fan motor, which dictates the speed of the blower.

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If nothing happens to the speed of the blower when you adjust the fan blower control, that could mean a problem in the control. Fan blower control problems are common in many cars, but the repair is not expensive.

When a fan blower control malfunctions, the fan usually runs at only one speed. In some cases, certain settings work while others do not. Sometimes, the fan doesn't work at all. If the fan doesn't work, aside from the fan blower control, the problem could be with the fuse, the fan relay or the fan itself. Check the status of these other devices first to avoid replacing the fan blower control unnecessarily.

If the fan operates at one or some speed settings, the blower control is faulty and should be replaced. A faulty blower control is often easy to identify because of some melted or burned sections.

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