How Do You Use the FAA Registry to Lookup Aircraft N-Numbers?

How Do You Use the FAA Registry to Lookup Aircraft N-Numbers?

Use the Federal Aviation Administration registry to look up aircraft N-Numbers by scrolling down the homepage and then entering the N-Number into the relevant field. Information is updated online at midnight on every federal working day.

Information provided on the results page may include the aircraft serial number, manufacturer name, model number and year of manufacture. Additional information may include the name and address of the aircraft owner, the certificate issue date, the engine manufacturer and aircraft model number.

A United States registered N-Number is displayed in one of three formats: one to five digits, one to four digits followed by a letter or one to three digits followed by two letters. N-Numbers do not include the letters I or O, and they do not begin with a zero. Registration numbers beginning with NC, NL, NR or NX are no longer issued by the FAA. Registration numbers N1 through N99 are used exclusively by the FAA.

Aircraft owners can change an existing N-Number or request a special registration number for future use online at Click the Aircraft Certification link under the Licenses & Certificates heading, and then click Aircraft Registration. Next, click the N-Numbers-Reserve, Renew, Change link.

Reservations are held for one year, and the FAA mails the applicant a confirmation notice upon receipt and processing of the application. A renewal notice is sent to the applicant before the expiration date. As of 2015, the registration and renewal fees are $10 per year.