How Do You Use F-150 Lift Kits?


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Truck owners use a Ford F-150 lift kit to increase the distance between the vehicle's frame and the axles, in order to replace the existing wheels with larger models, often for use in off-road and other specialized situations. The kits include the necessary components to modify the vehicle, but may also require additional tools and other actions to ensure the truck properly functions with the new wheels.

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The F-150 line of Ford trucks features a standard wheel-well size and suspension configuration so that the truck can use a specific size and type of wheel and tire, usually for driving in city or light off-road environments. A lift kit allows the owner to make changes to the truck in order to install larger wheels and special tires, and then drive the truck in less stable situations. This is because the standard wheels do not have the appropriate durability and tread design to handle extreme conditions.

The installation process requires a set of jacks to raise the truck itself off the ground so that the owner can remove the wheels and disconnect the axles from the suspension. This makes it possible to install the lift kit, which can increase the distance by over 2 inches. This additional space between the center of the axle and the top of the wheel well allows for larger tires that would normally not fit in the original space. After installing the kit, it is necessary to ensure that all components reconnect correctly and that the wheels respond accordingly.

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