How Do You Use a Digital Rig Locator?


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To use a digital rig locator, link a digital rig locator file with a satellite navigation system. Once the oil rig data file is linked with your satellite navigation system, you can drive to the coordinates of any oil rig included with the data file.

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Digital rig locator, or DRL, files are not freely available. Companies compile the location of oil rigs, as well as a great deal of other information about them, and then offer this data to consumers for a fee. Most companies that provide DRL information do so via a monthly subscription, as new oil rigs are constantly being drilled and old rigs capped. While the subscription term is monthly, the oil rig data file usually receives daily updates.

The most important data included in the DRL file are an oil rig's latitude and longitude coordinates. However, most DRL providers also include a multitude of other information, including the rig's total drilling depth, when it was first tapped and how long it has been in operation. The file also contains information about the rig's name, number, owner, drilling contracting company and drilling operations company.

DRL files are only available for selected regions. For instance, if you need oil rig location information for both Western Canada and Texas, you must purchase an individual DRL file for each region.

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