How Do You Use a Diagram When Replacing Brake Parts?

Diagrams such as those used for brake systems are used as a guide to help direct where parts are supposed to be replaced. The standard brake diagram consists of a caliper, master cylinder, brake lines, pads and rotors. It shows the placement of all of these parts as well as their proper functions.

Diagrams are to be used in conjunction with written instructions in order to properly replace and repair components on a vehicle. The images displayed on the diagram vary according to the type of diagram. Some diagrams are used to describe the location of a part, which can often be found on websites that sell auto parts. Diagrams used to describe the inner workings of a system on a vehicle are found in repair manuals. To use a brake diagram while replacing parts, use the following instructions.

  1. Lay out the diagram
  2. If the brake diagram is from a book, open it and keep it within the work area.

  3. Begin the replacement procedure
  4. Raise the vehicle, support the chassis and begin to replace the brake components. Use the diagram as an extra point of reference.

  5. Replace the parts
  6. While checking against the brake diagram, carefully install the new parts onto the vehicle.