How Do You Use a Convertible Top Repair Kit?


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To repair a tear in a convertible top using a repair kit, clean the area around the tear with isopropyl alcohol. Apply the included tape to the underside of the tear, allowing the tape to extend 1 inch past the damaged edges. On the top side of the tear, apply the waterproof adhesive, and apply the included tape so it extends 1 inch past the edges of the tear. Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.

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To patch vinyl convertible tops, clean the damaged area with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth, and clean the area a second time with water and a lint-free cloth. Round the edges of the patch or tape before applying it.

Install a patch that is backed with adhesive by peeling the back of the patch off and pressing it into place. After applying the patch, press it into place from both inside and outside the vehicle. Have an assistant help press the patch into place if necessary.

When repairing a fabric convertible top, remove the fabric, and cut off any loose strings around the damaged area. Apply painter's tape to the bottom of the fabric to prevent the glue from seeping through the fabric, and allow the patch to set for the recommended amount of time before reinstalling the top.

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