How Do You Use a Commercial Truck Price Guide?


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A commercial truck price guide provides information about a used commercial truck's current worth in the vehicle market. A truck's monetary value drops as it ages due to depreciation, and a commercial truck price guide helps to inform a buyer about whether the price set by a car dealership on a second-hand commercial truck is fair. You can also use the guide to negotiate used truck prices and potentially save money on a purchase.

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Commercial truck price guides are available through services such as Kelley Blue Book and True Market Value. If the price on a truck is far above the set price in these guides, the truck is either overpriced or in above-average condition. If the price is significantly lower, it might be because of existing issues that the seller expects the buyer to address after purchasing the vehicle.

A commercial truck price is only helpful to a point. To ensure the quality of the vehicle, take precautions before finalizing the purchase, such as obtaining a vehicle history report from Autocheck or Carfax, taking the truck out for a thorough test drive, and having it inspected by an independent mechanic. It is also helpful to visit other dealers and see how much they charge for similar vehicles.

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