How Do You Use a Coin-Operated Car Wash?


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To use a coin-operated car wash, prepare the car and park in the center of the washing bay. Put the coins in the slot, and then spray off the car.

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How Do You Use a Coin-Operated Car Wash?
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Use a coin-operated car wash with the following steps.

  1. Remove everything from the car
  2. Take anything that needs to be washed or kept dry out of the car. If washing floor mats, get them ready before inserting coins in the slot.

  3. Run the machine's cycles in order
  4. When spraying the car, start with presoak, followed by the soap cycle and then the rinse cycle, remembering to spray the tires and inner fender wells to remove salt and road dirt.

  5. Wax and dry the car
  6. If desired, finish with the wax cycle and use a chamois or soft, clean towel to dry off the car.

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