How Do You Use a Chevrolet Truck Lift Kit?


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Chevrolet truck lift kits are used to raise a normally low riding truck off the ground to compete in racing, climbing or trail riding. They are also used for aesthetic purposes, as lift kits add a more aggressive look to Chevrolet trucks.

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Lift kits provide a smooth ride on rocky terrain and allow for enough space to accommodate the large tires needed for off road excursions. They are available in small, medium and large, which translates to 1.5, 2 and 3 to 4 inches of lift, respectively.

Several types of lift kits are available. Spring Over Axle kits lift the vehicle high enough to avoid any damage to the undercarriage. Shackle Reverse kits focus on providing smooth rides over rough terrain, as do Coil Suspension kits; however, Shackle Reverse kits are not recommended for highway driving. Lifted Spring kits offer a wealth of clearance and the ability to transfer seamlessly from off road to highway driving, while Shackle Suspension kits are meant primarily for highway driving

When purchasing a Chevrolet truck lift kit, it is best to choose well-reviewed brands such as Skyjacker or Daystar to ensure the quality of the materials. Never purchase a lift kit that does not match the year, make and model of the vehicle on which it will be installed. While installation can be done at home, those doubting their abilities should seek the guidance of a professional lift kit installer.

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