How Do You Use Carb Cleaner?

In order to use a carburetor cleaner, the engine needs to first be turned off and allowed to cool down. It is important to keep the engine off while working on the carburettor. Next, the air filter and the cover of the carburetor is removed. At this point, large chunks of debris visible around the carburetor can be removed with an old rag or paper towels.

It is not necessary to take the entire carburetor apart; just removing a few screws exposes enough of the carburetor. Once the carburetor is exposed, it's time to spray the cleaner. Position the can close to the carburetor, and spray all over its surface, inside the crevices and around the choke. Essentially, the goal is to soak the entire carburetor, inside and out. Once it is given a good spray, paper towels or an old rag work to wipe the grim away as much as possible.

Reaching every part as the carburetor is not crucial, as the cleaner dissolves most of the grime. Finally, the pieces are put back together for a smooth-running machine. Clean carburetors provide engines with an air- and fuel-mixture that allows it to run. Over time, dirt, oil and grime collect on and in the carburetor, which prevents it from doing its job. Maintaining a clean carburetor allows the machine to run smoothly and efficiently.