How Do You Use Car Interior Paint?

How Do You Use Car Interior Paint?

To use car interior paint, remove the interior knobs and switches, wash and dry the surfaces to be painted, mask them with tape, apply primer, paint over the primer, and replace the interior hardware. This two-day project requires latex gloves, a plastic bag, a bucket, soap, a sponge, a hair dryer, tape, primer, interior car paint and paint brushes.

  1. Remove the knobs

    Take off all of the removable dials and knobs, and store them in a plastic bag.

  2. Wash the interior of the car

    Fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap. Dip a sponge in the soapy water, wring it out, and wash all of the interior surfaces you wish to paint. Dump out the soapy water, refill the bucket with clean water, and rinse the vehicle thoroughly.

  3. Dry and mask the interior

    Dry the washed surfaces with a hair dryer, and then apply masking tape to all interior areas that you do not wish to paint.

  4. Apply primer

    Put on latex gloves. Apply primer, and give it at least an hour to dry.

  5. Paint over the primer

    Apply one coat of paint over the primer. Give it two hours to dry, and then test it by touching it lightly in an inauspicious place. When the paint is dry, add a second coat. Let it dry for at least three hours before you proceed further.

  6. Replace the knobs

    Remove the masking tape, and then replace the knobs and switches.