How Do You Use Camoplast ATV Tracks?


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Though an ATV equipped with Camoplast tracks is wider and longer than one with tires, do not expect any significant change in turning radius when using tracks. Also, despite an ATV 's increased length, width and clearance with tracks, tracks actually increase stability by adding weight near the ground and creating a longer and wider wheel base, making tipping less likely. There is also a notable decrease in top speed, approximately 30 percent, when using an ATV equipped with tracks.

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Camoplast tracks match system sprockets and mountings to fit each ATV's engine in order to maximize traction, and the tread design spreads traction over a larger service than with tires. This makes the vehicle less prone to sinking, which is good for soft terrains such as swamps, snow, mud or sand. It is important to note, as well, that when the vehicle is stopped or moving slowly, steering is more difficult with tracks than tires, while at higher speeds it is about the same as tires. In deep snow or mud, steering is more difficult with tracks.

Because tracks are wider than tires, Comoplast recommends that pallets be added to provide raised support when transporting the ATV in a pick-up, allowing the vehicle to clear the fenders when loaded.

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