How Do You Use a Brake Repair Diagram?


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Using a brake repair diagram to fix a problem in the braking system involves getting the right tools and following the necessary steps for dismantling the brake system. This task requires a little bit knowledge of the braking system parts, such as calipers, pads, lug, lug wrench and axle.

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First, remove the calipers and the pads carefully by loosening the bolts without putting pressure to the brake line. Make sure to remove the retain pins too. If the old pads have a problem, replace them with new pads in the same place and put back the retaining pins. The caliper features a round piston in the inside that lifts itself to the level of the pads. Use the clamp to thrust the piston back into its place. This makes it easier to place the calipers over the new pads.

Also, check the rotor to ensure it is in good condition. Screw back the bolts and test the performance of the brakes. If the setting meets your requirements, place back the wheel and ensure to put back the lugs in place to avoid slipping out of the wheel. The braking system has three major parts, including the rotor, the brake pads and the caliper. Using a brake repair diagram to repair the brake takes about one and a half hours.

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